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Survey System (Survitech)

JTECH is experienced in developing and operating call centers including but not limited to business analysis, system diagrams, workflow diagrams, procurement, recruitment, workforce management, and performance analysis. 
JTECH is also flexible in using various clients’ systems and is capable of developing tailored solutions to meet any client needs.
JTECH is lately focused on customer experience solutions as we believe that clients’ needs and experience reflects overall success of the business, accordingly we developed professional applications and solutions to provide customer insights and to assist the organization in decision support systems.


In the framework of efficiently measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, business quality department is planning to adopt Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology. NPS is a survey system that’s designed to:
• Measure, evaluate and build customer loyalty
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Get more customer feedback by closing the loop
• Reduce customer churn
• Create more customer advocates

The primary purpose of the system is to evaluate customer loyalty to your service by determining the likelihood that a customer will further recommend your business to others. By telling others about you, the person is effectively marketing the services offered by you.
Customers will be asked to rate their likelihood of recommending your business to a friend or colleague by using a 0-10 scale. A Net Promoter Score is then calculated based on the percentage of Promoters & Detractors.

To enable adopting NPS methodology, a complete automated Customer Satisfaction Surveys Solution should be implemented by your business to:
• Centralize and automate the collection of customer opinions following a visit to one of your branches, a customer service contact
• Compare the evolution of standardized indicators over time: overall and detailed satisfaction and perception of the quality of services
• Instantly deal with key dissatisfaction with automated alerts on the system dashboard and email notifications.
• Give access to results to Quality team according to the needs and generate reports in different formats (xls, docx or pdf)

For Healthcare Sector:
With Survitech you will be able to capture inpatient & outpatient feedbacks on multiple
channels and is ideal to take feedback in hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies to record
patient sentiments, staff responsiveness, facility rating and overall patient satisfaction.
You will be able to create engaging and effective multilingual feedback forms & surveys,
customize feedback questions, fonts, colors, and icons and represent it to your customers
with many different tools, including:
• Desk Kiosks
• Email & SMS surveys
• Online surveys
Survitech provides customizable survey types, including:
• Net Promotor Scores (NPS)
• Quick surveys
• Detailed Surveys
Survitech Real-time Feedback Reporting
Survitech provides quick insights and in-depth analysis of customers’ feedbacks for better
understanding of customer sentiment and satisfaction, complaints and quicker resolutions.
• Department analysis
• Customer Analysis
• Doctor / Staff Analysis
• Detailed reports

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